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Matthew Flores has designed with: Georgia Public Broadcasting, Good Boy Projects, & Ideas for Creative Exploration. Clients Include: OneTeam Partners LLC, The Willie Nelson & Friends Museum, Red Star Football Club, Umbro, The Stagger Inn...Again, Saint Louis F.C., Ah Um, Brighton Astro, N. Senada, O.T.P. Optimists Club, etc.

Georgia Public Broadcasting

At Georgia Public Broadcasting, I work as a Swiss Army knife on the Digital Team - my function is to translate the needs of our departments (News, Broadcast, Education, and Community Outreach) into digital experiences designed specifically for our diverse users.

In this capacity, I've contributed to a complete redesign and rebuild of our website and mobile apps, from gathering user data and pain points, translating those needs into wireframes, and designing an experience that is informative and welcoming.

I also work daily with our GPB Education department to deliver product to augment and amplify K-12 curriculum in the state of Georgia. I've helped design and develop a suite of educational resources, including AR/VR experiences, a Georgia Studies digital textbook, and browser-based games to bring creativity and imagination into the classroom.

Good Boy Projects

Good Boy Projects is my design studio, and allows me to partner with a variety of clients in solving their problems through visual thinking and conceptual experimentation.

Good Boy Projects specializes in projects across all mediums with an emphasis in digital design - from website architecture, to visual identity and branding concepts, to marketing campaigns, I approach my clients' needs with an eye toward collaboration and innovation through empathetic creativity. Let's make something fun together!

Other Projects

What am I working on currently? So glad you asked! Right now I'm designing/publishing/editing Modern Joke, a magazine about modern jokes and art. I'm also experimenting with algorithmically-generated imagery, espcially when applied to typography, and exploring more traditional, analog design techniques, in particular paste-up and photocopying.


"The Stuff That Doesn't Fit Anywhere Else"